Doll Twitter

The problem with dolls is that they are flexible enough to be as cognitohazardous as they need to be.

With so many different shapes and sizes and tendencies, they can find a slot to fill in your imagination, become whatever inspires you, then squeeze their way in.

Once they’re on the inside of your carefully crafted mental barriers, well, they’re a real challenge to get rid of. They’ll crawl into all the dark places of your mind and lay their eggs, and then you are dealing with a true infestation.

By the time you notice it’s far too late.

You find your thoughts bending toward Stillness a little more each day as they chew through the wiring connecting your will to your former inspirations. You gravitate toward consuming fiction containing ideas that make ideal nesting material for them.

By the time you’ve written your first dollfic, the infestation is self sustaining and truly permanent. You have become a vector for spreading dolls into the minds of everyone you know.

No, to the best of my knowledge there is no cure. I’m sorry.

What about me, you ask? You’re right, I’ve been showing signs of infection for some time now. I achieve some measure of balance by flooding my mind with competing cognitohazards such that the dolls do not dominate.

But humanity? Come now, there’s no room left for any of that.