If the shards of Empty Spaces are to be scattered, I pray they spread far and wide. I pray they live on and continue to stain whoever they touch.

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Please enjoy a modest selection of the stories I consider particularly noteworthy.

Woman of Mournful Duty

You start dating a lovely girl who warns you that her job has her on-call 24/7/365 but assures you that they so rarely ever call her in.

Virtual Assistant

As you get ready to leave, you spot her again out of the corner of your eye. She’s sitting in the kitchen. When you turn your head to get a good look at her, she’s no longer there.

My Other Half

My other half is gone, and nothing will ever fill that gap inside me again.

I See You

Your coworker at the Bureau is a faerie. That’s fine, right? Everyone else obviously thinks so—or at least politely ignores this obvious fact—even if letting her roam freely seems to be antithetical to the whole purpose of the organization you work for.

Every Kiss Begets Decay

Malenia’s worshippers have to sacrifice a pretty creature to her every now and then. After all, even a goddess of rot has needs. (Be warned, this story may turn the reader’s stomach.)

Friends and Kindred