Fungal Halo

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Let's Drink To Becoming

Drink from the pool in the deep woods. Find your vision blurring, brightening, twisting and colorful. Your steps grow unsteady as you quest for a warm spot in the sun in which to lie.

Do not wake. Put roots down. Stretch your limbs and bloom into a beautiful home for fairies.

Drink from the pool of blood. It burns with each gulp, but you cannot stop. The fire within grows and spreads to every limb. It chars your soul, paints your flesh. It draws out your horns and tail and claws as well as your most indulgent desires.

Drink from the pool in your dreams. You see the tiny worms wriggling in your cupped hands, but you gulp it anyway. You don’t know why. When you wake, they’re in your mind, slithering through your thoughts and behind your eyes. They grow, and you know what you must do.

Drink from the pool in the deepest level of the hive. Hide in a safe crevice and molt yourself a chrysalis. Replace your skin with chitin and your independent thought with new wings. Burst out and chitter with your new family, joining them in perfect harmony.

Drink from the pool of shadows. Blot out your mind. Blot out your senses. Blot out your hopes and dreams. Be consumed from within. Do not fear the thing that wears your skin. It is more you than you will ever be again.