Fungal Halo

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We're Doing Full Spaces Now

134 words (1 minute)

One cannot be *made* a clown by another. No, a clown makes themselves.

It starts with a gag here, a jape there. A clown-to-be, one not yet Filled with Joking, may not even understand the strange impulses that come over them.

Just Another Frankenstein

146 words (1 minutes)

It was a city built for people and governed by science, but despite being a creature assembled from people and given life by science, you do not belong among them, do you?

You are destined to be forever apart.


95 words

The butterfly leads you to the Stained Glass window where it makes its home. Shards of kaleidoscopic light stream through and play across the surface of your body.

You paint yourself in colors too, not so different from the butterfly, nor from the Stained Glass.

The Treacherous Advisor

1303 words (7 minutes)

The King's new advisor was a treacherous man, this much was obvious to most members of the court. There was a scheming air about him, and there had to be supernatural reasons why the King seemed to hang on his advisor's every word, surely.