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Came Back Wrong

The power of the fairies’ blessing touched the body of her lover and they stirred to life once more.

Weeping, she held them in her arms again, glad she never lost hope.

She ignored her friends shouting their warning. Her lover’s eyes, now open, were dark, empty pools.

Something came back with them from the other side. It was not human.

She didn’t notice. Maybe she didn’t care. As it clutched her possessively, all that mattered was the comfort she felt in being wrapped in her lover’s devoted arms.

When it kissed her, she responded with eagerness born of separation.

When the claws pushing out from its fingertips pierced clothing and sank into her flesh, she whimpered with desire.

When it worked its tongue-like appendage down her throat, she gripped it tighter.

Heedless of the eyes watching, she acted only on the desire filling her mind.

She couldn’t breathe, but still she was grinding herself against her lover, caressing the spines bursting from its skin, lost in the heat of the moment.

It flooded her with itself. From her throat into her belly, it filled her.

In that last moment, she opened her eyes, she looked into the inky wells of the thing wearing her lover’s body, and she understood it.

She wasn’t offered a choice, but she accepted it anyway.