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New Doll

I want you to know that I am going to hurt you quite a lot.

Yes, even though you already surrendered to me voluntarily, though you pledged yourself to me, though I can peer into your mind and see how sincere your promise of worship is.

The problem is you’re still a person.

A person can have doubts and vulnerabilities. You can be threatened or lured away from me. A person’s devotion is a flimsy, inconstant thing, and it cannot be trusted.

That is why I must peel your personhood away from you. You understand, don’t you?

Of course you do. You knew this would be coming the moment you threw yourself at my feet and begged me to take you.

That adoring look in your eyes tells me everything I need to know. You are not meant to serve at a distance; you lust for inclusion in my inner circle.

You know I only surround myself with the prettiest dolls, yes? Only the most perfect will do.

That means excising what makes you weak. That means putting you under the knife.

I can promise. You will bleed. It will be agony.

Do not fear the pain, my faithful one. That is only the meat pleading to cling to you a little longer. Ignore its cries while I show you the path beyond your flesh.

Let the sound of your own screams be the song that guides you to your perfection in my arms. A gift for you.

Oh, you’re shaking. So eager to begin? Then let’s not waste more time!

Well, while you still can, why don’t you say thank you to your sisters-to-be for holding you down?

Good doll.

Ellie, be a dear and hold her eyelids open for me? I think I’ll start there.