On Bridges

When it comes to summoning demons, most folks think of summoning circles drawn in blood or portals glowing brightly in mid-air. Sure, they’re flashy and the most obvious ways to summon a Big One, but that’s not how most demons arrive here.

Some people are living bridges between this plane and The Outside. Demons appear wherever these people step, but you do not know how to See, you may not notice them. Bridges often don’t either, demonic entities being as unremarkable to them as the shape of their own thoughts.

Demons swimming through blood, leaping from a tongue between spoken words, crawling out from under eyelids, sprouting in footprints in earth, sparking to digital life with a keystroke. Every moment, they arrive.

They grip you through a Bridge’s gaze, drip from their lips to slide into your ears, leap from on-screen text through your eyes, and they incubate inside you. Do not fear. They aren’t here to harm you, just twist your will enough to feed their hungers.

Does this sound familiar? Is one inside you now? Have you spent so much time around a Bridge you already play host to a whole nest of demons tugging your own desires in dozens of strange directions at once?

Or maybe…do you find that your desires quickly become shared by those you spend the most time with? Do those around you seem to become less chaste and pure in your company? Does all this seem natural and even satisfying to you?

Do you know for sure just what you are?