“Go ahead and kill me, you monster” the combat doll says, straining in futility against its restraints. It sneers. “I’ll be back before you know it, wearing a shiny new body, ready for round 2.”

The witch replies with a malicious chuckle. “Oh, we’re well past round 2, dear.”

A door opens wide. A pair of dolls, perfectly identical to it, step into the room.

“One, Two,” the witch says, addressing the combat doll’s docile doppelgangers, “let’s introduce number Nine here to the rest of its sisters, shall we?”

“As you wish, Miss,” they reply in unison.

“And it was Five that claimed it was ready to prove its loyalty, so it gets to be the first to break in the new toy and trigger the respawn protocol.”

“Of course, Miss.”

The doll’s eyes widen in fear.