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A False Angel's Hunger

329 words (2 minutes)

"I am not an angel."

Her claim is hard to accept. Her snowy wings, delicate complexion, and shining halo make such a denial an absurdity.

Even if the look in her eyes is not at all the flat certainty of an angel acting in accordance with her Purpose.

Angel Doll

1227 words (6 minutes)

When Divine Ones war with one another, most people tremble in fear of what is to come.

Now, it's certainly rare for mortals to get caught up in the battles directly. Those clashes between the angelic hosts almost invariably take place far up above in their heavens.

In The Last Days

745 words (4 minutes)

Once, there were three of them.

One who was almost an angel.

One who was almost a doll.

One who was almost a person.

The three of them were almost friends.