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Starlight Friendship

392 words (2 minutes)

The abandoned doll of a long-forgotten witch lays on her back, in exactly the same position as she landed when she was tossed here. She doesn't know where "here" is. She couldn't say how long it's been. But she hasn't seen or heard anyone in a long, long time.

For Boo

298 words (1 minute)

Properly cared for, a well-made doll can last a truly impressive span of time, even by the standards of those as long-lived as witches.

But sometimes, no matter how great the skill of a witch, a doll may simply wind down and stop one day.

Woman of Mournful Duty

802 words (4 minutes)

You start dating a lovely girl who warns you that her job has her on-call 24/7/365 but assures you that they so rarely ever call her in.

Fading Away

329 words (2 minutes)

I'm just slightly disconnected from the flow of time everyone else experiences. Like a gear whose teeth are worn, which slips and skips every now and then.

It's frustrating to just wake up in the morning and find I've lost a day—skipped over the preceding 24 hours entirely.


911 words (5 minutes)

The more powerful a witch, the greater the impact on the world when they finally depart from it.

The works of some will linger long past their time.

One witch's legacy in particular is spoken of in fearful whispers: the twelve or thirteen assassin dolls it left behind.