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A Doctor's Careful Eye

209 words (1 minute)

I hobble into the shop, barely in time for my appointment. My gears grind noisily inside me with the effort of opening the door myself, and I feel a spring twisting too far.

My New Best Friend

519 words (3 minutes)

I don't claim to understand the great mysteries of life and death.

The secrets of the soul, of the nature of spirits, of what drives some to depart immediately while others linger in this plane as ghosts? All lie beyond my grasp.

All I know is that when I died, I remained.

My Other Half

1511 words (8 minutes)

My other half is gone, and nothing will ever fill that gap inside me again.

Not A Person

813 words (4 minutes)

"It's kinda romantic, don't you think?" the mechanic asks, staring at the massive combat unit.

The Best Repair Shop In Town

655 words (3 minutes)

Month by month, my ability to function degrades. Something in my knee pops, every step summoning an agonizing grinding noise. One hand twitches violently whenever I do not concentrate on keeping it still. Noise creeps in at the edges of my vision.

I am running out of hope.

To Know You Is To Love You

1102 words (6 minutes)

"Astonishing! Where you come from, they really let humans pilot your own mechs? Just, what, with your hands? Operating buttons and levers like a carnival ride?"

They crowd me, far more curious than I ever expected a bunch of human-shaped machines could be.