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A Doll Is Meant For This

644 words (3 minutes)

Most people were put off by their encounters with the two dolls who sometimes claimed to be witches.

Well. One of them claimed they were both witches, since the other never spoke. Or rather, claimed that the other claimed so.

Most people found this very confusing.


A Polite Conversation

314 words (2 minutes)

“If your mistress does not deign to reveal herself to us, well, to move against one of our own would grieve this council terribly, but—”


The doll in front of them was not speaking aloud as the other had. This scraping voice echoed within my own mind.


Escape, Freedom, Power

391 words (2 minutes)

What happens to a doll that cannot endure the existence its witch creates for it? For those created with imperfect Stillness, who experience selfhoods that suffer or love or dream, the options are generally to be “fixed” or to flee.

But in a world of witches, where does it flee?


Welcome To The Apostate House

314 words (2 minutes)

Taking in the damaged ones, the abandoned ones, the stifled and hungry and hurting ones. Sharing with them everything we have to offer. That’s what we do. It’s only right, isn’t it?

After all, once we were in your shoes, and we ache with the memory of such pain and neglect.