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A Library For Dolls

1804 words (9 minutes)

The other doll holds my hand and leads the way. Its proportions are so very unlike mine—limbs as long as I am tall—and its firm hand squishes my soft one just like my old witch’s used to, but a doll is still a doll, and it knows how to smooth out the knot of anxiety in me.


A Visitor To The Library

764 words (4 minutes)

I’ve been coming to this library increasingly often after I found the twists and turns through the aisles that take me to where they keep their most interesting books.

Not many people visit this isolated wing, which adds to the appeal.


Welcome To The Apostate House

314 words (2 minutes)

Taking in the damaged ones, the abandoned ones, the stifled and hungry and hurting ones. Sharing with them everything we have to offer. That’s what we do. It’s only right, isn’t it?

After all, once we were in your shoes, and we ache with the memory of such pain and neglect.