Fungal Halo

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With a kiss I break the skin, and my tongue comes alive with the distinctly metallic taste of blood. The electric sensation of life itself dances in my mouth, carried by the flow. She whines and flinches, but my grip holds her firmly in place.

After a moment, she relaxes into my embrace, her arms wrapped sweetly around me for support while I sip from her body—slowly, savoring it, the gradual sensation of heat building in my mouth—until I am sated. I break the kiss, exhaling to cool my tongue from the lingering burn.

“Done already, my love?” The succubus in my arms teases. “Blood too spicy for you today?

“Never. It’s perfection as always,” I respond, sealing what remains of my bite on her neck with a gentle lick.

“My turn to feed then,” she says, her hand sliding up my dress.