Fungal Halo

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Toxic Embrace

She loves you. She barely knows you, but she loves you, and you come to know her through the love she lavishes upon you. Her kiss is like corrosive acid on your mind. It eats into you a little more with each visit, but you are too small to push her away.

She doesn’t know what her love does to you, and you come to understand that she does not care. You diminish with each visit. Corroded pits appear in your memory, places you’ve been many times take on an unfamiliar feel, your friends feel like strangers, but you always know her.

She will soon be all you know. Wouldn’t it be easier to learn to love her? You decay, you rot, you crumble, but at least you get to know her like few others ever could. All it takes is to learn to relish the pain and decay that takes you from the world and the people in it.