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Time Slips

99 words

Even the machinery of time experiences wear and tear from use. Gears lose teeth, rust builds. Folks don't often notice the minor grinding or a jump here or there, but sometimes a gear slips and you experience an extra day nobody else in your life passes through. Or you lose one.

Toxic Embrace

163 words (1 minute)

She loves you. She barely knows you, but she loves you, and you come to know her through the love she lavishes upon you. Her kiss is like corrosive acid on your mind. It eats into you a little more with each visit, but you are too small to push her away.

Fungal Emissary

694 words (3 minutes)

When I was at my lowest, that's when she came for me. I had nothing and no one to care for me. I was delirious and dying, and when I was gone, no one would mark my passing. Maybe that's how she found me, even. Suffering like mine was a beacon to a certain kind of creature.


258 words (1 minute)

I try to rise, and my knees buckle and give out, dropping me back to a seated position. I try again, steadying myself against the wall with my hand.

The pressure builds in my head, ignored, while I wonder what's wrong with me.

Then it occurs to me: she's coming back.

Exaltation Of Disease

1520 words (8 minutes)

They call this place an infirmary. They act as though this is a place of medicine, as though they offer treatment for the illness that saps us of strength and dignity and independence.

It is not. It is an altar on which they sacrifice us for the sake of worthier souls.

What Comes After

2721 words (14 minutes)

From the once-brilliant First Temple of Lyenne, the light of Wisdom fades out.

What Comes After (Mold Free Version)

2715 words (14 minutes)

From the once-brilliant First Temple of Lyenne, the light of Wisdom fades out.


280 words (1 minute)

Love is pain.

Love is a knife in the gut.

Love is a slimy cord wrapped around your insides, swelling and tightening until you can barely breathe and you're doubled over, white-knuckling the toilet.

Love is holding your hair back while you vomit your life away.

Rot Together

335 words (2 minutes)

Her grave was not particularly deep, the coffin not particularly sturdy, the stone marker already overgrown. It was a burial in which every expense had been spared.

A mushroom sprouts through a wedding ring pushed to the surface by subterranean life.