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She Who Stains

198 words (1 minute)

She crossed the room leaving a smudge across my vision that no amount of blinking would clear. Her fingertips bled black ink into the air around them. I should have been afraid, but I was transfixed, couldn't let her leave my sight. I ditched my friends and followed her outside.

More Than Meat

311 words (2 minutes)

The more she kisses me, the more I get lost in her kisses, unable to think or notice anything else. I cry in pain when her clawed fingers pierce my flesh, but even then it only inspires me to kiss back with greater fervor.

Never Enough

215 words (1 minute)

"Never enough. It's never enough."

Mad, scrawled ravings and arcane symbols stretch across papers strewn throughout the room. Lines carved in the wood flooring bear the stains of blood and other unidentifiable fluids.

The Pantheon That Was

968 words (5 minutes)

People still speak fondly of the pantheon that was.

It's not yet been so long that it has passed out of memory, though each year more children are born without the warm assistance of Oriah and raised without the guiding light of Ralles.

To them the stories are just stories.


296 words (1 minute)

The wyrm writhes within your guts, bringing such acute pain that you have to force yourself to bite off the screams your throat involuntarily produces.

You have to remind yourself that you swallowed this thing on purpose—this pain is a necessary step of your symbiotic journey.


201 words (1 minute)

Taking the tip of her finger in my mouth, up to the first knuckle. A kiss, then a nibble, and then the slow tension and release of teeth breaking the skin.

Biting off her fingers, joint by joint, savoring the burst of hot fluid between my teeth.

Fragile After All

477 words (2 minutes)

It feels like a tug from another world. One moment, my life makes sense, the pieces my senses feed me all fit together with a satisfying click. The next, I lose my balance.

A standing fall, a wave of vertigo, and everything tilts imperceptibly.

What Comes After

2721 words (14 minutes)

From the once-brilliant First Temple of Lyenne, the light of Wisdom fades out.

What Comes After (Mold Free Version)

2715 words (14 minutes)

From the once-brilliant First Temple of Lyenne, the light of Wisdom fades out.


280 words (1 minute)

Love is pain.

Love is a knife in the gut.

Love is a slimy cord wrapped around your insides, swelling and tightening until you can barely breathe and you're doubled over, white-knuckling the toilet.

Love is holding your hair back while you vomit your life away.