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The Pantheon That Was

968 words (5 minutes)

People still speak fondly of the pantheon that was.

It's not yet been so long that it has passed out of memory, though each year more children are born without the warm assistance of Oriah and raised without the guiding light of Ralles.

To them the stories are just stories.

Not Listening

383 words (2 minutes)

An oracle writhes on the platform prepared for her, gripped by vision and sensation from beyond the Door. Words dribble helplessly from parted lips that move without conscious thought, punctuated by pained moans or gasps hissed through clenched teeth.

Divination Is Not Prophecy

294 words (1 minute)

Divination is not prophecy. You must understand the difference if we're to get along.

No, no, no, this is not a matter of an oracle's condescension for your practice. I'm sure your cards and carved stones and whatnot have their uses and guide you well.

They just don't hurt.