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She Who Stains

198 words (1 minute)

She crossed the room leaving a smudge across my vision that no amount of blinking would clear. Her fingertips bled black ink into the air around them. I should have been afraid, but I was transfixed, couldn't let her leave my sight. I ditched my friends and followed her outside.

Impossible Allure

135 words (1 minute)

The creature stalks the halls, hunting while you cower in hiding. But you can only hide for so long, can you, before...what is it? Boredom? Curiosity? Something compels you to peek out for a brief glimpse of it?

Fungal Emissary

694 words (3 minutes)

When I was at my lowest, that's when she came for me. I had nothing and no one to care for me. I was delirious and dying, and when I was gone, no one would mark my passing. Maybe that's how she found me, even. Suffering like mine was a beacon to a certain kind of creature.

A Scorched Mind

355 words (2 minutes)

Her coming scorches the earth, yes, but it also scorches the sea, the air around her, and even the thin screen onto which reality itself is projected.

That scorch looks like a great smoldering sheet hanging upright on nothing, tracing precisely her path through the world.

Yes, Miss

319 words (2 minutes)

"But then, isn't that always how it goes?"

"Yeah," you agree, laughing. Of course you agree. Independent as you are, Her personal magnetism is such that it's still so easy to fall in line with everything She says.

"No, not like that. Say 'yes, Miss.'"

Your Flower

291 words (1 minute)

Even from a distance, you know that she must be a goddess. Where she walks, shadows contrive to fall anywhere else than upon her figure. The flowers woven in a crown upon her head, tattooed on her skin, and stitched into her dress remain as lively as though freshly picked.