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I Choose The Fall

252 words (1 minute)

I reach inside for my power, that perfect light within which gives unassailable force to my every action, and for the first time ever, my grasp closes around nothing at all. Emptiness answers my summons. I peer within and see only a yawning abyss where once was a shining column.

Fungal Emissary

694 words (3 minutes)

When I was at my lowest, that's when she came for me. I had nothing and no one to care for me. I was delirious and dying, and when I was gone, no one would mark my passing. Maybe that's how she found me, even. Suffering like mine was a beacon to a certain kind of creature.

Void Swallows

439 words (2 minutes)

Little moth, little moth... seeking the light of knowledge so eagerly, so indiscriminately, so relentlessly, so obliviously, you have lost yourself.

You found me, now.

And I am something quite far from that small, flickering light.