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The Smallest Ones

145 words (1 minute)

This, but even smaller.

No, smaller than that. Too small to make out any individual spider with your naked eye.

Watch me roll into town like the morning fog, a hazy cloud covering the area. Before you realize anything is abnormal, you've already breathed me in. You're mine now.

The Artifact

370 words (2 minutes)

You never questioned why your exploration of this hidden temple's ruins went so smoothly and easily, did you? How you seemed to instinctually notice the hidden passages and trap triggers? You and your fellows rode a wave of excitement all the way to the most hidden chamber here.

Oh, How They Love Me

488 words (2 minutes)

Over the ages they tell my story in hushed whispers decorated with breathless warnings like lovely jewels. They say I am evil. They say I am deadly. They say that to look into my eyes is to be lost. They say I steal fair maidens and teach them sin. They say such sweet things.

Dream Vessel

184 words (1 minute)

To have stumbled into the favor of some oneiric power is to awake each morning gripped with impulses not entirely your own, mind stuffed with fresh memories from a night of visions more wild and vivid than ordinary dreaming or even waking life.

The thing in your skull stirs.

Oh No Not Mind Control

619 words (3 minutes)

The Hero bursts through a wall, mere masonry no match for his might. Civilians inside scream briefly, but when he shouts "The eyes of justice gaze upon you!" they recognize their savior.

So does the Villainess terrorizing them.

"You!" she yells in disbelief.

"Yes! Me!"

What Comes After

2721 words (14 minutes)

From the once-brilliant First Temple of Lyenne, the light of Wisdom fades out.

What Comes After (Mold Free Version)

2715 words (14 minutes)

From the once-brilliant First Temple of Lyenne, the light of Wisdom fades out.

Hypnotic Coup

1221 words (6 minutes)

The greasy, spindly woman who wormed her way into the king's court should not, by any reasonable estimation, have been able to get as close to him as she did. She was foul, unsavory, and with a sharp tongue that did her few favors in the great courtly games of diplomacy.