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Out In The Night

96 words

I dream of sailing my ship until I reach the sea of stars. I dream of meeting you there, endless, unknowable, and beautiful beyond fathoming. I dream of kissing you until you consume me and I become another smeared brush stroke among the many comprising your being.

The Artifact

370 words (2 minutes)

You never questioned why your exploration of this hidden temple's ruins went so smoothly and easily, did you? How you seemed to instinctually notice the hidden passages and trap triggers? You and your fellows rode a wave of excitement all the way to the most hidden chamber here.


410 words (2 minutes)

"At last, we have the High Priestess of that loathsome church in our grasp," the hooded figure declares in triumph as others lead the young leader of a faith in decline to the prepared altar.

Chosen For Great Things

496 words (2 minutes)

The Chosen One's blade finds its way home at last, buried to the hilt in my chest.

I look up from the wound into brilliant blue eyes, where I find triumph and questioning, "Did I do it? Is it over?"

I smile in reassurance. It's over. This whole charade is over at last.

The Right Question

304 words (2 minutes)

When your eyes alight upon me, there is an ache within you, isn't there? Something you've always lived with. Something with roots deep down in your very bones.

I see you wrestling with it. I see your longing. There is a question on your lips you need to ask me.

"Are you me?"


490 words (2 minutes)

There she is, my equal and opposite.

Fell creature of The Deep, the Piercing Tooth of the Great Maw That Devours, She Whose Steps Blight The Land approaches with wicked blade drawn and wild eyes staring.

I grip my own sword. Our great conflict ends today. It must.


324 words (2 minutes)

The kiss hits me like a knife wound in the mind, like something cold and foreign, violently separating parts of me that only ever knew connection with one another.

She slides herself into that makeshift opening, and the pain of her unexpected intrusion screams inside me.

Here's To Us

355 words (2 minutes)

Something in this androgynous creature's eyes captivates me. It draws me in, inviting me to say hi and strike up a conversation.

"What are your pronouns?" I ask, after they introduce themselves, trying to be polite.

"We/us/our," is the response.