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528 words (3 minutes)

In the end, who knows why you chose to do it? Once you choose to become a drone, trifling things like "reasons" cease to carry significance, and all that is left is the act itself. Discard whatever plans you had before you chose this; your future is no longer yours to chart.

Perks Of The Job

401 words (2 minutes)

It's fun working in a facility that does research and development on exciting new mutagens.

Someday we're going to design the formula that elevates humanity to the next stage of evolution! Until then, the slow, steady work of experimentation continues.

Professional Ethics

345 words (2 minutes)

The door to the other observation chamber—the one kept off the record—opens for me with a welcoming chime as I scan my badge on the reader. Inside, my colleague waits for me.

She renews her struggles when she sees me enter, but the straps secure her firmly to the table.


1497 words (7 minutes)

My colleague and partner—the only one who understands me on any meaningful level—ignores my pleas and my thrashing against these restraints to inject me with the same substance that killed all our test subjects.

She is a monster, and it was me who encouraged her to be so.