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Destiny's Halo

446 words (2 minutes)

"We are not so different, you and I," the Dark Sorceress declares as I confront her at last in her great tower.

I grip my sword and grit my teeth. "You're a cold-blooded killer who consorts with demons and whose idea of freedom is born of chaos and destruction."

A Cycle Broken

863 words (4 minutes)

The Dark Lady of Nightmares glided silently through the night's cool air, her body magically transformed into her giant bat form perfectly suited for stealth. As she approached the City of Light, she swept her eyes over it, scanning for the tower where the princess slept.

Chosen For Great Things

496 words (2 minutes)

The Chosen One's blade finds its way home at last, buried to the hilt in my chest.

I look up from the wound into brilliant blue eyes, where I find triumph and questioning, "Did I do it? Is it over?"

I smile in reassurance. It's over. This whole charade is over at last.

My Prison A Throne

749 words (4 minutes)

You never could quite destroy me, no matter how you tried. Your greatest hero could diminish me, certainly, but never destroy.

So you shackled and chained me in the deepest, darkest dungeon you could find, and you called it victory.

You never did understand my nature.


501 words (3 minutes)

The knight drags her sword behind her as she ascends the stairway up to the throne room.

Her muscles ache with the exhaustion of a long journey that now comes mercifully to its end.

Dangling at her chest is the Amulet with the power to seal the Demon Queen away forever.

An End To Fate

1290 words (6 minutes)

The goddess watches while her chosen hero arrives at the culmination of his journey. He's so close now. All he needs to do is raise the amulet and speak the invocation, and the goddess's great enemy will at last be vanquished.

And yet, he collapses instead. He fails.

Thorough Prophecy

1911 words (10 minutes)

If one braves the journey through the northern wilds, climbing inhospitable cliffs, crossing raging rivers, and cutting through dense forest, one may reach the land ruled by an ancient and immortal Queen of Evil: the Forbidden Kingdom of Hxail, where the living do not dwell.