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Generosity For Old Friends

433 words (2 minutes)

I sit, silent and pretty, among my sisters. My Mistress is greeting some very rude guests who speak to her in raised voices. I would giggle at their foolishness if my Mistress's magic weren't perfect. If I weren't her perfect, silent doll.

What We Both Lost

2073 words (10 minutes)

It was all over. The forces of light victorious. The Dark One banished to wait for another turning of the cycle to clash with another destined Hero generations from now.

Still the Priestess grieved her love, the Hero who gave her life to win this victory.


143 words (1 minute)

You scream and scream, trying to tell your friend to get far away from here, but no words, no hints of distress, escape the serene doll face you wear.

You reassure your friend how much happier you are to have sacrificed your will to the witch, and your friend believes you.

Too Sweet A Thing

1184 words (6 minutes)

When I was a fresh young witch—newly come into my power and before I was Unbowed—I received a gift from my mentor.

Witches do not commonly give each other gifts, and such a gesture always comes with strings attached. This was no different.

The old witch gave me a doll.

A Little Loss Of Control

710 words (4 minutes)

She tells me that she needs to watch herself, that she has a bad habit of pushing boundaries, especially when she's been drinking.

I smile. I tell her how her self-awareness is reassuring, how safe she makes me feel.

I keep topping off her glass.