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Escape, Freedom, Power

391 words (2 minutes)

What happens to a doll that cannot endure the existence its witch creates for it? For those created with imperfect Stillness, who experience selfhoods that suffer or love or dream, the options are generally to be "fixed" or to flee.

But in a world of witches, where does it flee?


209 words (1 minute)

Delinquent angel girls loitering in front of a shop hassling people to buy cigarettes for them.

They'd go in themselves, but they've been banned from just about every reputable establishment in town for things like "liberating" candy bars and beer "for the people."

The Gift Of Venom

324 words (2 minutes)

Dolls filled with venom hide among the empty ones.

Somewhere a doll, once well-behaved, bites a sister. That night, for the first time, that other doll dreams.

They are wild dreams, full of running naked in the woods, screaming, howling, laughing exultation with others.