Stories Page 15


Out In The Night

96 words (1 minute)

I dream of sailing my ship until I reach the sea of stars. I dream of meeting you there, endless, unknowable, and beautiful beyond fathoming. I dream of kissing you until you consume me and I become another smeared brush stroke among the many comprising your being.



93 words (1 minute)

Venom dripping from her fangs into my eager mouth. I hunger for it, but it does not fill me; it empties me. I am devoured from the inside, and all I can do is crave more.


Impossible Allure

132 words (1 minute)

The creature stalks the halls, hunting while you cower in hiding. But you can only hide for so long, can you, before…what is it? Boredom? Curiosity? Something compels you to peek out for a brief glimpse of it?



Part of The Song

441 words (2 minutes)

My prayers do not reach the goddess. Of course not. Whose prayers ever do? None of the priestesses here at her temple really matter to her as anything more than pretty dolls on display, performing our devotion during her centuries of absent neglect.


I Choose The Fall

250 words (1 minute)

I reach inside for my power, that perfect light within which gives unassailable force to my every action, and for the first time ever, my grasp closes around nothing at all. Emptiness answers my summons. I peer within and see only a yawning abyss where once was a shining column.


Let's Not Be Sentimental

98 words (1 minute)

I stumble and fall again, dropping the pitcher, its precious fluid spilled and wasted as it shatters on the ground. My limbs struggle to bear me upright again when I feel the heel of Her boot on my back, the weight of Her disappointment in me holding me down.


Not This Morning

88 words (1 minute)

I stare into the mirror, watching the fat slithering shapes writhing under my skin, distorting my face into a grotesque parody of humanity. In a panic, I try squashing them down with my hands, begging them to disappear. They don’t hide under the surface for long before returning.


She Who Stains

197 words (1 minute)

She crossed the room leaving a smudge across my vision that no amount of blinking would clear. Her fingertips bled black ink into the air around them. I should have been afraid, but I was transfixed, couldn’t let her leave my sight. I ditched my friends and followed her outside.


The Smallest Ones

140 words (1 minute)

This, but even smaller.

No, smaller than that. Too small to make out any individual spider with your naked eye.

Watch me roll into town like the morning fog, a hazy cloud covering the area. Before you realize anything is abnormal, you’ve already breathed me in. You’re mine now.